Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gun Owners BEWARE!

John Kerry (Obama's lackey) will sign the UN Small Arms Treaty today giving-up American sovereignty & YOUR FIREARMS! Tell the Senate NOT to ratify it!

Today marks the day when the Obama administration gives-up American sovereignty in order to get rid of YOUR guns. Secretary of State John Kerry will sign the United Nations Small Arms Treaty on behalf of Barack Obama for the United States. This is an unprecedented move that will eventually negate the 2nd Amendment.

Remember who signed it and remember who ordered him to do so. Obama wants no one in the USA to have guns except government agencies. He wants to have no resistance from you or your minions.

It's ironic that the treaty is with the United Nations because they are the most hypocritical of all. They are supposed to prevent wars and yet they never intervene in places like Syria where mass genocide is happening.

This treaty shows lawful Americans just where Obama's priorities are and how much he respects your God given rights including the right to bear arms.

Action To Take
Contact your two Senators and tell them NOT TO RATIFY the UN Small Arms Treaty. Once they do, the only way to nullify a treaty is by a Constitutional amendment which is highly unlikely!

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