Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where's the OUTRAGE?

The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is building  a military organization bigger than our military and they are planning on using it AGAINST YOU - the American citizens, when you finally decide uprise against Big Government takeover. The DHS has purchased literally BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition, thousands of  the dreaded "assault rifles", and several thousand armored personnel carriers for local cities. Why? Where is the local threat? It's YOU America! You are the largest armed body of citizens in the entire world. Your Big Government is so afraid of its own citizens because they have guns. Hence, Obama's goal to eliminate lawfully armed people from having legal guns or ammunition, so they can manipulate and control US citizens. Obama is building an army to use against YOU while you sit-back and watch him do it. WAKE UP AMERICA! This is no joke!

The police departments in Boston, and Watertown, Massachusetts openly broke the laws of the land when they closed-down the towns Boston and Watertown and searched ILLEGALLY door-to-door for the "Terrorists" without the benefit of search warrants. They handcuffed innocent citizens, detained them, and performed ILLEGAL searches and confiscated their weapons all in the guise for "your protection." Public officials called these ILLEGAL search and seizure operations in Boston and Watertown "Forced Home Inspections" which are totally ILLEGAL under the Constitution but were performed ANYWAY without an justifiable or legal means. Yet, today, no one is held responsible for violating your rights and no one is held responsible. THAT's DANGEROUS!!
Why haven't the citizens of Boston and Watertown stood up for this ILEGAL search and seizure?

The government says that the "Patriot Act" gives them the authority to negate YOUR freedoms in search of terrorists in order to "protect" you and your family. The Patriot Act is ILLEGAL! Their excuse  IS A LIE! Why haven't Americans stood-up and fought for their freedoms? Instead, they sit-back and say that it was OK to do it. Goodbye freedom and personal liberties.

Your government is out-of-control and getting worse each day! They must be stopped or you will loose all your rights and freedoms!

Is it time to REVOLT?

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