Friday, September 27, 2013

RINOs Beware

The Good Old Boy elites (alias the Grand Old Party [GOP]) in Washington never seem to want to fight with their opposing party. They would rather cave-in and wait for the next crisis to emerge so they can cave-in again. This is a repetitive pattern and the GOP hasn't figured-out that the American public is fed-up with them doing nothing. This explains the low approval ratings that they have earned.

Instead of defending the Constitution and YOUR rights and freedoms, the GOP would rather protect their personal interests and listen to their lobbyists instead. After all, where do you think that Congress gets the money required to run a political campaign?

So when Ted Cruz comes along and decides to be the voice of the people, the old incumbents find him a threat to their jobs. Cruz is rocking the boat. The GOP elitist strategy regarding ObamaCare is to allow it to be implemented. They say (predict) that it will fail. They claim that it will "collapse on itself." So the GOP now has a crystal ball that lets them know the future.

This "strategy" is just another way of doing NOTHING and not standing up for their constituents. So what else is new?

Isn't it time for a REAL change in America? It's time to dump the RINOS like McConnell, McCain, Christy, Rubio, Graham, Chafee, Snowe, Collins, Shays, Pataki, and on, and on…

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