Monday, September 23, 2013

Obama Ignores Attrocities

Ever wonder why Obama ignores the war against innocent children in the city of Chicago? This past weekend, a three year old kid was shot in the head along with 20 wounded and five more dead. Instead, Obama would rather start World War III to defend our enemies who kill children in Syria than try and protect American citizens at home.

Obama's ex-White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel (Mayor of Chicago), cannot control the violence in his own city. Massive killings occur on a regular basis. Emanuel is CLUELESS on what to do to stop the violence. Even the Illinois governor wants to send-in the militia. Progressives at work!

In addition to ignoring those atrocities, Obama has been noticeably quiet about the slaughter of Christians in both Pakistan and Africa. It seems that when Muslims kill Christians it's OK with our President. His silence is his way of condoning these attacks.

One thing for sure, we (Christians) know where we stand with this administration. There will be a continued war against Christians again this Christmas and the White House will be leading-on the perpetrators.

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