Sunday, September 22, 2013

It Never Stops

We reported about being spied on yesterday. Well, the bad news continues. This time the federal government (the Department of Homeland Security or DHS) is the one who's spying on you - again! They have a new facial recognition system called the "Biometric Optical Surveillance System" (BOSS), that is being tested this very weekend. The software was developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

This system uses two cameras which make stereoscopic images of a person's face. This creates a 3D image from a two dimensional image. The images are transformed into a mathematical representation. Then BOSS transfers these representations via fiber optics  to a government database of known faces. (You know, like the ones they already have on file for your driver's license). Incidentally, the BOSS system can capture multiple faces at the same time making it great for sampling a crowd quickly. The image representation is matched against this known database. WAH - LAH! They know exactly where you are in a massive crowd.

You Can't Hide
This "BOSS" system has an effective range of 50 to 100 meters (150 - 300+ feet) so you won't even know that you are being photographed. The DHS is striving for better than 80% accuracy in less than 30 seconds. The newest software claims to beat that record. The government test will verify the results.

End Result
The BOSS system will be appearing in all sorts of venues. Look for it at borders (kind of ironic since Obama loves open borders), airports, train stations, or anywhere there are crowds of people. Big Brother IS truly here and is WATCHING YOU ALL THE TIME. Your government is getting out-of-control.

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