Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obama Uncovered...

Rasmussen Poll shows that 45% of voters approve of President Obama's job performance. The bad news for the President is that 54% DISAPPROVE. This is a direct result of Obama's bungling of Syria wanting to start a war that few Americans want to have. Now he has flip-flopped, been indecisive, and has no clear plan or objective in wanting to attack Syria. Only 12% of voters believe that military action in Syria will make Americans safer and yet he continues to peruse wanting a war.

We have just over three more years with Obama as Commander-in-Chief. He now has the new nickname as "ditherer-in-chief" coined by the UK press. The whole world now sees just how limited Obama is when it comes to foreign affairs. He HAS lost the respect of Americans and has damaged America's reputation. Just how this will play-out remains to be seen. It will not be good.

Americans now have a more realistic understanding of who is in White House and perhaps will finally understand that Obama is totally out-classed in world affairs. They should also realize that Obama LIES often not wanting to ever be accountable for HIS actions. People are learning that a Community Organizer is NOT the best choice for President.

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