Thursday, September 12, 2013

The REAL National Security Threat

Obama is right, we do have several things that are a threat to our national security. All you have to do is to pay attention to HIS administration and you will begin to understand exactly where those threats are and who they are.

Begin at the White House. The President's cabinet includes Valerie Jarrett - Iranian born and close adviser to the President. For all we know, Jarrett has been giving Obama her advice on foreign affairs. We see how well that's been going. Obama brought the USA to the brink of World War III with his attack ideas for Syria. We still aren't out of the mess that HE created.

Next, look at the National Security Agency (NSA). They have been proven to be spying on ALL Americans for God only knows why. We thank Edward Snowden for divulging the TRUTH about this administration's abuse of power. NSA spying on Americans is happening because they can after being authorized by Obama to do so.

Third, look no farther than the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who targeted political enemies of Obama. They abused their policing powers to literally SCREW Obama's political opponents. Now they are in charge of enforcing the Affordable Care Act which includes 1/6 of our economy. We all trust that this will be another BAD experience.

Fourth, take a peek at the Department of Justice (DOJ) who are the biggest law breakers since sliced bread was invented. The Attorney General - Eric Holder, has lied under oath, covered-up Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and is trying to improve voter fraud across the USA.

The list is long and is continuing to grow. We truly do have a National Security Risk and it is the Obama Administration. Whether it's incompetence, arrogance, or just plain stupidity, America is in danger from the abuse from HIS government and their regulations, infringements, and theft from American citizens.

It's time NOT to trust the government because time after time they prove that THEY are NOT your friends. Perhaps Texas and Maryland have the right idea. They are both actively pursuing secession for the US (as is TX) and secession from the state (MD) because they no longer trust their government.

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