Monday, September 9, 2013

We Oppose Going To War

A CNN report shows that 71% of Americans oppose going to war in Syria. Call us the "Silent majority." Their poll also shows that even if Congress gave the OK, that 55% would STILL oppose the attack. 69% of Americans believe that Syria's use of chemical weapons are not a matter of US national security.

Unfortunately for us, Obama is still living in Kindergarten and wearing a diaper when it comes to foreign affairs and geopolitics. Vladimir Putin happily shows Obama what a fool he is on every occasion. Putin embarrasses and humiliates Obama often. Obama is clueless on what to do, what to say, or how to react. Charles Krauthammer says that Obama doesn't know what he is doing. Rush Limbaugh calls Obama a "Psychopath" because he drew the Red Line and then said he didn't.

Let's face it, Obama NEVER got the REAL message when he was re-elected. He still believes he has the support of the entire nation behind him. Obama has done little to persuade Americans into attacking Syria. This is his usual modus operandi (MO).  Sit-back and watch, wait, and do nothing. Americans no longer believe him because he has lost their trust and their respect. Frankly he lies so much it's hard to believe anything he says any longer. (The Red Line denial is his latest example of lying).  Hence, most feel that Obama IS INCOMPETENT and should be back home in Chicago playing in a sandbox - not living in the White House.

Come on, what do you expect? We hired a guy who NEVER held an executive position ANYWHERE! Obama's resume showed us that he was a Community Organizer. The Peter Principle has come to fruition. Obama has reached HIS level of incompetence at OUR expense.

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