Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wait for The Spin

Regardless of how Obama frames the "solution" to the Syrian crisis, the American public and the world views President Obama as weak and indecisive. Obama's flop-flop on "Drawing the red line" and his lack of having any plan shows Obama's true character. He's no world-leader!

The Nobel Peace Prize winner is rightly seen by the world as a War Monger willing to attack Syria for some arbitrary ultimatum he set. Willing to plunge the entire Middle East into war Obama showed that he is CLUELESS in the game of Geopolitics. On the other hand, Vladimir Putin comes-out looking like the REAL Nobel Peace Prize candidate leaving Obama in the dust. Obama is truly out-classed on the world stage.

Obama has hit his lowest ratings of his Presidency. They are well earned. He has earned the new title "Ditherer-in-Chief" and has handed the world domination over to the Russian Putin. Barrack Obama has proven to the world that he is a follower and not a leader.

Obama's bungling of Lybia, his apology tour, backing the wrong side in Egypt, and now failure in Syria are the main reasons for his growing unpopularity. Most Americans now believe that Obama has weakened America's standing in the world. Most Americans no longer TRUST Obama. Almost half (48%) believe the US is less respected than before Obama took office.

Obama's legacy will be highlighted by his utter failure in dealing with the Syrian crisis which HE created. Tonight, we expect him to take credit for resolving the situation that almost started World War III by his hands alone when it was Putin who resolved the crisis.

Regardless of the propaganda he will spew over the airwaves tonight, we all know that Obama is a FOOL. He will take full credit and now he won't be able or have to blame Congress.

It's really pathetic that we have to face three more years of a blundering IDIOT!

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