Wednesday, October 16, 2013

GOP Elites Cave (Again)

"Kick the can" down the road again. Extend the debt ceiling again so we can have another crisis in a few months. Deja vu all over again! The Republican Elites NEVER learn! They are disgusting. They are destroying America along with the INSANE government spending that the Democrats continue to demand. They certainly DO NOT represent Conservative values.

The Republican Party is controlled by the Good-Old-Boys who don't want to rock the comfortable BIG GOVERNMENT boat. They aren't "Republicans" any longer. The two party system is now the one party system. Just look at their actions. Don't listen to their words. They sure aren't Conservatives.

They shut-down the government and did so for not one concession from the Democrats. This isn't just STUPID, it's suicide.

Please remember the names of all those in the GOP Senate who caved so you can vote-them-out in their next re-election campaign. They are one of the main reasons for America's decline and self-destruction. They no longer represent the people  - they represent special interests and themselves.

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