Sunday, October 13, 2013

EBT Outage (No Foodstamps)

You may have noticed yesterday that there were some disruptions in several states across the nation. There were exactly 17 states that could not access the EBT electronic system denying EBT card holders of their free food. Consequently, millions of on-the-government-dole food shoppers were unable to receive their "free" benefits. That amounts to 47 million potentially unhappy recipients.

All this was caused by a power outage at Xerox Corporation which shut-down their computer systems. This "Glitch" almost caused a revolution of the people who shop using other people's money. If the power problem had not been corrected it's obvious that the free food outage would have spilled into the streets in a more violent expression of the "shoppers."

Happily the EBT "Glitch" was not related to the fiasco in Washington, DC - (The shut-down). Because there are so many people relying on the government for food, this incident makes it quite clear that this is a potential time BOMB waiting to explode. Big government's dependency systems can cause widespread panic and violence if triggered. In this case yesterday, it was a power outage. But what if it were a planned "Glitch" meant to cause violence and civil unrest?

Americans need to become aware that the world in which they live is not becoming a safer place to live. Rather, because of the enlargement of government services, it has become a less-safe place to live.

Are you prepared to a wide-spread government "Glitch"? Oh, they rarely ever happen you say. Look at the roll-out of ObamaCare. The government under the "leadership" of Kathy Sebelius (fire her now) had three years to develop and test the software used to implement The Affordable Care Act. Look at the results. The software was NEVER tested (obviously) for quality assurance and has failed completely. This is a perfect example of the government taking control of your medical treatments in the near future. Good Luck America.

Are you Prepared? The next government glitch may be fatal!

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