Friday, October 18, 2013

Dump The Dollar - It's Coming…

Keystone Cops (look it up)
In the latest fiasco performed by our Congress, world leaders were watching with careful eyes. They have truly realized that our government is still very shaky and that their economies are so intertwined with the dollar that they cannot afford to trust it. They watched as each party blamed the other while the President sat back on his ass and watched it unfold. There ended up a temporary "solution" which is NOT a solution after all.

No wonder. Since they couldn't resolve our debt problem, they decided just to continue doing the same things that got us in this unsustainable situation. In other words, NOTHING CHANGED. Congress merely kicked the can with a new arbitrary deadline of just after the first of the year. At that time we will all witness yet another song-and-dance by both political parties in their predictable futile attempts to solve America's biggest problem.  We spend too much more than we take-in and borrow too much to try and pay for that foolishness. We pay Congress $ 174, 000 to do NOTHING to fix America.

Apparently, the Democrats haven't gotten that picture yet. Obama wants to increase our spending THIS YEAR by $1+ TRILLION dollars - that we don't have, so he can create more hand-outs and to redistribute what wealth is left in America. A true Progressive. The Democrats support this effort. Who's side are they on? His goal is to make everyone poor, but all on the same playing field with the government in control of YOUR LIVES.

That's NOT America. That's NOT Socialism. It's MARXISM, but the uninformed Americans just see the small picture of their getting freebies like cell phones and handouts like food stamps. Too Bad! That's the demise of a once great country. We have ourselves to blame.

Other World Powers View
The other world powers see the big picture and now more than ever, want to free themselves of the American dollar as the world currency because it's getting too unstable. Can you blame them? Strongest advocates are China, Russia, India, and Japan. China has stopped buying US Treasury Bonds, because they realize we could truly default on our loans. That's why these countries are buying gold and silver in huge quantities. They see that the USA is wavering and possibly collapsing in on itself because of our national debt problem. They want out of this currency/credit bubble before they go down with the crash!

When they dump the dollar, yours will all become useless and worthless. Hyperinflation will destroy what's left and the US economy will collapse. Not too pretty!

Meanwhile America will go happily through the coming holidays and celebrate as though nothing is going on elsewhere. Just wait until the next debt deadline. The American public us sick-and-tired of the same old - same old. There IS change coming. The Tea Party is NOT DEAD. There will be revolution.

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