Thursday, October 17, 2013

The GOP Has A New Name

Since the Republicans have a long record of giving-up instead of holding firm against increasing government spending and more borrowing, they have decided to re-brand themselves to represent who they REALLY are.

The Grand Old Party (GOP) gave up their name yesterday for a new one. Now they are now called "The Cavers." (Not Neanderthal, but quitters). They have a new motto too: "We Give Up. We Surrender." They have also changed their logo. It is no longer an elephant. Now it's the White Flag of Surrender.

Just like the Japanese of World War II, the Republican Party surrendered unconditionally (AGAIN) after giving-up the leverage they had in their favor to bring about REAL changes in America's deficit. They could care less about you and your grand children because they care more about getting re-elected. Besides, it's easier to capitulate than to really try and solve the problems of this BLOATED government.

Americans need to look and see who the people were who voted to expand the debt ceiling last night. Those people are the ones who do NOT deserve to stay in Congress. Chances are that they also voted for The Patriot Act too which allows the NSA to spy on all of us. Trouble is that most Americans are uninformed and care less. You get what you deserve.

To sum it up: The Republican Party is DISGUSTING. Conservatives deserve better. Because of their weakness, and incompetence we have to look forward to repeating this same exercise in just 13 more weeks. Wow, that was some solution to the deficit problem. You heard right, they will be going through the same shenanigans right after the Christmas holiday season. They never learn.

Maybe next time the American public will wake up and demand that they all get their act together instead of screwing around with this nation. I rather doubt it.

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