Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rumors Fly

The name calling and finger pointing continues in the nations' capitol and it's getting worse as we approach the deadline of this Thursday to reach a government agreement. So far it seems like the elite GOP are willing to cave-in (as usual) to the Democrats. But this time it all seems quite different. There's more bickering and less cooperation.

Obama is out of the picture completely. He has forsaken HIS responsibility to lead and is ignoring his duties to negotiate. Instead, he threatens to default on our obligations as a nation to pay the interest on our $17 TRILLION debt. Actually, the US has enough to pay this interest without ANY new borrowing or spending from the monies taken in as monthly tax payments. He forgets to mention that in his rhetoric. Instead, what Obama says is that there will be no Social Security payments or makes other threats to jive-up the pressure and to create more turmoil.

Meanwhile the Republicans equally point their fingers and blame the other guys for this mess, when in fact, they are all to blame for it. This deadline came as no surprise to Congress or the President. So what was their concern? They took-off 5 weeks just before the deadline so they could be on vacation. We can see where their priorities are and who is important to all of them. Clue: It's NOT YOU!

No one has a crystal ball or can make an accurate prediction.  This time around no one really seems that stressed-out and hopes that the other guy makes the big mistake so they can't be held responsible. There's talk of extending the debt ceiling for another short time only to be repeating this process once again. (Kicking the can).

What we need are representatives and a President who will actually try and resolve this issue of over spending and over borrowing. So far, Americans are beginning to figure-out that Obama is NOT their guy any for this task. Frankly, we believe that Obama wants to collapse the economy and what better way then to destroy our credit and out currency!

We are losing our country. We are heading in the WRONG direction. We must take action to STOP this insanity!

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