Thursday, December 12, 2013

GOP Elites BLAST Conservatives!

RINO John Boehner (R, OH) attacked Conservative groups yesterday who are unhappy with the GOP elite's newest budget deal with Democrats. Speaker Boehner had this to say about Conservatives:

"They’re using our members and they’re using the American people for their own goals. This is ridiculous. Listen if you’re for more deficit reduction, you're for this agreement.

Our own goals? Someone should tell Boehner that all we want is to cut spending and borrowing unsustainable amounts of money. Apparently HIS group of GOP Elites doesn't want to do that right now because they just capitulated to allow things to continue unchanged. That's kicking the can and letting someone else worry about it. Their new budget eliminates several of the mandatory sequestration cuts and allows the government to borrow and spend without changing anything at all just for a promise from the future Congress. That's IRRESPONSIBLE and INSANE! It also allows to expand the national deficit to $25 TRILLION!!~!

We need to cut spending for entitlements and to stop borrowing and printing money. Speaker Boehner would rather push that onto someone else later - but NOT NOW! Not to mention, your grand children will be the ones burdened with paying for it! That's also IRRESPONSIBLE.

Tell your representatives NOT to support this new budget deal because it does NOT address the problems of unsustainable debt. And please, Ohio voters, vote John Boehner out-of-office.

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