Saturday, December 14, 2013


The US Census Bureau provides the following statistics. Gleam what you can to support your views on why ILLEGALS are BAD for America.

  • One in every three aliens is ILLEGAL. Half of the Mexican and Central American aliens are ILLEGALS.
  • Only 31% of adult aliens have completed high school. Consequently, they have low skill levels and provide little to high technology efforts.
  • 34% of aliens have health insurance the rest have NONE. Hence, the reason why they LIKE ObamaCare. They will get FREE medical care.
  • Aliens account for the expanding increases in school registrations across the nation. Schools are overburdened by massive new enrollments and many offer Spanish taught classes.
  • Poverty rate for aliens and the US born children is 17%. This ties-in with their lack of education.
  • 33% of alien households are on at least one (or more) welfare programs. One third of ILLEGALS are leaching off our generosity.
  • The estimated population of aliens (in 2007) is 37 million - not 10 million as reported by Progressives. Today it is MUCH HIGHER - just look around, they are everywhere. 
  • One out of every eight (1 out of 8) is an alien - (most likely ILLEGAL) living in the USA.
  • 57% of all immigrants are ILLEGALS here from Mexico.
  • The PEW Hispanic Center reported that 9% of the entire Mexican population lived here in the USA in 2004.

These numbers are just a few reasons why the USA needs to close it's borders and put caps on the numbers of people entering the US each year. Our government refuses to do ANYTHING to stop this INVASION. On the contrary, Progressives want OPEN BORDERS and they want to give AMNESTY to the 40+ million ILLEGALS already abusing our system. What's equally important is that ILLEGALS do NOT want to assimilate into our culture and have NOT pledged to do so like legal aliens do.

Don't support ANY politician who supports AMNESTY for ILLEGALS. ILLEGALS don't belong here and we should NOT be supporting them and their families with our taxes!

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