Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ryan's Crappy Budget Deal

Senator Paul Ryan (R, WI - alias RINO) has just completed a wonderful deal with the Democrats regarding the budget. Wonderful if you're a Democrat! In order to avoid another government shut-down, Ryan caved-in and allowed the DEMs to increase spending and undo spending cuts. Wow, that sounds like REAL hardball! Ryan's deal eliminates the forced spending cuts from sequestration for a "promise" to cut later. They old saying is: "A promise is a wish to a fool." Looks like Ryan's the fool this time!

Ryan says that's the "best deal" they can get now. We beg to differ. RINO Ryan may of well been negotiating for the Democrats. He has missed the whole point about the unsustainable deficit and abusive government spending. It seems that the Republican Party elites never learn their lessons when "negotiating." They continue to collapse and give-in allowing government borrowing and government spending to continue on-and-on-and-on ad infinitum. They haven't gotten the message that the spending and borrowing behavior has to stop. Then they have the gaul to tell us that's the "best deal they could get." Perhaps they should sign-up for Negotiation Tactics 101.

We're getting SICK-AND-TIRED of the same old-same-old. The GOP is no longer representing Conservative values - or at least it's "leadership" isn't. The GOP elites have morphed into Moderate Democrats. It's time to vote-out the established "elite" for a new breed of true CONSERVATIVES. Take back the Republican Party by getting rid of the psedo-Republicans like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Orin Hatch, and Mitch McConnell - just to name a few.

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