Friday, December 13, 2013

Too Rich To Fail

You've heard of "Too Big To Fail." Now there's another twist with the same message. A drunk 16 year old (Ethan Couch) killed 4 people and maimed several others in a traffic accident in Texas. His only defense was that he is a "victim" because of a newly made-up term "Affluenza." His psychologist coined that word to describe Couch's wealthy and privileged lifestyle where his parents never set any limits for their son. They also never taught him right from wrong. So when he accidentally kills & maims he feels no remorse.

Their psychologist argued that the teen's family felt wealth brought them privilege and that Couch's life could be turned around with only one or two years of treatment and no contact from his parents. The judge Jean Boyd bought it!

Couch received NO PUNISHMENT for his deeds, only probation. The clear message from this case is that money AND privilege CAN BUY "Justice" in America. It sets a dangerous precedent and shows that there is NO JUSTICE in our court system. American "Justice" is a farce.

How can a judge allow this to happen? Where's the justice? Four dead surviving families as well as the others maimed and injured have NO JUSTICE! Our court system is a JOKE!

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