Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Death of Money

There is a new book coming out in April and it's called "The Death of Money: The Collapse of the International Monetary System" by James Rickards. In this book he shows that the international monetary system has collapsed three times in the past 100 years. These collapses were in 1919, 1939, and 1971. Now Rickards predicts that the next collapse in in sight.

In 2008 the US came close to tipping the entire world-wide banking system into a downward spiral. The potential for an historical collapse was unprecedented. The coming collapse will be caused by the US dollar itself. Central bankers and the International Monetary Fund manager boldly admit that the current world-wide monetary policies are in "Uncharted Waters." They admit that they really don't know what will happen because they are experimenting with the monetary system to keep it floating. Everyone from central bankers down to you are their guinea pigs.

Scary, but we believe this is the NEW REALITY. The CRASH IS COMING. Are you prepared?

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