Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AARP Looses Members

Since July 1, 2009 it is estimated that the AARP has lost over 60,000 members because of the group's support of ObamaCare.

Many seniors are seriously concerned about the proposed Medicare cuts in order to fund the new government healthcare program. (As well we should!)...

Membership loss suggests that members were dissatisfied with the political positions taken by the AARP. The AARP has run political ads supporting ObamaCare and government healthcare.

Some argue that AARP likes Obamacare because they will still be allowed to offer their supplementary insurance if the government plan passes. Others argue that in addition to healthcare, they are fed up with AARP supporting more gun legislation.

Action To Take
If you are a member, disassociate with AARP. If you are NOT a member - DON'T join! Call or write and let them know your angry with how they "represent" their members.

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