Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stacking the Deck

People demonstrating at Tea Parties and Town Hall meetings have been described in many ways by the media including:
  • Violent (Gun carrying)
  • Angry mob
  • White malcontents
  • Swastikas (Nazi signs)
  • Astroturf (fake grass root movements)
  • Ku Klux Clan
  • un-American
  • Political terrorists

  • Our Secretary of State is on the record for saying the following on April 28, 2003: "I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you're not patriotic. We should stand up and say, 'We are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.'"

    How ironic! Back then it was OK to disagree with the Bush administration (actually she said any administration). However, now it appears not to be the case.

    New Tactics
    Liberals/Progressives see that poll numbers are dropping and they are getting scared. Frustrated with the dropping polls on healthcare, liberal/progressives have developed a new tactic to counter the rising government disapproval. Attack!! They are using the stacking method to try and get favorable media coverage. Here are a few examples.

    Example 1: You remember Texas representative Sheila Jackson as she was video taped ignoring a cancer survivor asking Jackson a question at while Jackson used her cell phone. Well, Representative Jackson had a wonderful PR moment at the recent Town Hall meeting when she hugged Dr. Roxana Mayer of Houston Texas. This incident made Jackson look quite sympathetic towards doctors in general. The problem is that when researched, it was uncovered that Dr. Roxana Mayer turns out not to be a doctor at all. Funny how the main stream media missed that little thing. Instead, Mayer lied about being a doctor. Instead, she is a Texas Obama Delegate who worked on the Obama campaign! What a coincidence huh?

    Example 2: At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, the President took his second question from eleven year old Julian Hall and the audience was truly impressed with her concerns about healthcare and the "nasty signs" she saw outside the event. It turns out that Julian's mom ran the Massachusetts for Obama campaign. Wow, what a coincidence that she came from Malden, Massachusetts to New Hampshire just to meet the President. Are you buying this crap?

    Example 3: Arlen Specter had a bit more help in his latest town hall meeting. It seems that a bus load of people got out wearing ACRON and SEIU tee shirts began chanting for Obamacare, drowning out and intimidating other attendees. Strange, they all had printed color signs, not the ratty home made ones we are used to seeing. Sounds like an Astroturf conspiracy!

    These are the new tactics to silence dissent. So much for the 1st amendment. It's OK to protest if you're a liberal/progressive because the media doesn't label them with any negative adjectives!

    Action To Take
    Stand your ground. Don't become violent. Don't be intimidated!

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