Saturday, August 22, 2009

Remember Your Outrage

Too often Americans forget about news events. A few weeks or a couple of months pass and it becomes a memory loss.

Don't let it happen now. We are loosing our freedoms, big time! Congress is running away with our liberties. Congress remains insulated from their constituents. They really believe that they are superior to us and that we need to be led, not the other way around. They act like the school yard bully and always want things their way. They want to change America and give us socialized medicine without our voice in the matter. Congress lets special interests like SEIU, GE, AARP, and ACORN have more input, to legislation than we do.

It's really doubtful that Congress has the constitutional authority to do these things, and yet they remain unchallenged - except for a few voices like the NRA. It all evolves around the interpretation of the 10th amendment. (More on this in a later topic).

Forget already? Here are a few reminders; Americans need to remember how you are treated by your representatives when you ask valid questions and try to get answers. Remember the names you are called for having an opposing opinion for government policies. Think of how some congressmen (like Heath Shuler, [D] 11th district of NC) avoided town meetings so they could skip face-to-face meetings with constituents. Or worse yet, like Congressman Barney Frank ([D] of MA) who tell tells his constituents that he'd rather talk to the dining room table than them.

Remember how Congress jammed-down your throats the Stimulus and Omnibus bills without listening to you for input. Remember that passing the stimulus package did NOT reduce unemployment (as promised) and keep it under 8%. Instead, it actually climbed to just short of 10% as of this writing. Remember the President's promise to eliminate pork from government spending before he was elected. Remember the "pork" contained in these bills and the wasteful spending from both houses in Congress and the President happily signed it into law!

Oh, and best of all, don't forget the record deficits that Obama's administration created (now estimated to be 10 trillion dollars). Remember the unsustainable mortgage Obama and Congress have put on our country and how this will inevitably cause the dollar to drop in value world-wide. Your grandchildren will still be paying for them after we are gone. Remember all the broken campaign promises of no new taxes. Remember those who made those promises. Remember the good old days when Americans had a higher standard of living.

Vote in Mid-Term Elections
Americans, vote, and vote your hearts out in the mid-term elections. In Chicago and in Minnesota, vote and vote often! Dump the Congressional fools who think that we work for them. Even the score. Clean house and start with a fresh deck of players.

Your Motto
2010 - Won't Get Fooled Again!

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