Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Free Speech Lives?

Pressure Works!
After sending SPAMs to people who never solicited information, the White House was accused of using information from the government web site to SPAM Americans. We still haven't discovered where the White House got the email addresses in question, but we do know that they SPAMED Americans!

Blatant Bullying
The snitch web site ( introduced on August 4, 2009. Obama's representative Linda Douglas, encouraged you to "snitch" on anyone who gave "fishy" information regarding the ObamaCare health plan. In other words, let them know of anyone who opposed the government health plan so they could get more information about them.

Intimidation from the White House clearly limits free speech. This was a first Amendment violation! Collecting this information was against the law! This illegal activity came from the Obama administration, remember, the one who was going to provide all that wonderful transparency.

Senator John Cornyn (R) of Texas accused the President of creating an enemies list. He referred to it as the "Obama monitoring program". Strange that the White House could come up with thousands of email addresses of people who had NEVER solicited the government for anything. Where did they get these addresses? Are they from an enemies list? Some speculate that the AARP disclosed email addresses, thus explaining the loss of over 60,000 members since July 1, 2009. The general public still does not know.

Dumped the Site
Between his complaints and your outrage, the White House removed the web site! Good riddance! However, that still does not explain the SPAM they produced in large quantities.

Americans, never let the White House or the President intimidate you or your right to free speech. It's OK to disagree with his policies and even protest if you like.

Actions To Take
If you get any threats regarding your opposition to the government policies, notify the police. Get it on record. If you receive any unsolicited emails regarding healthcare, notify the media (preferably more than one or two major networks). Make it a public record that you are being harassed by the government.

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