Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trust Them With Healthcare?

Hundreds of automobile dealers in the New York and elsewhere have stopped the Cash for Clunkers program.

The government is NOT sending dealers the reimbursements that they promised with the legislation they passed!! The dealers who have sold cars under this program expect the government to live up to their promise to reimburse them with $4,500 per car. So far, it's not working too well.

The Fed owes dealers $1.6 Billion dollars. The government has only paid about 2% of the clunker deals made so far. The dealers now fear that they will NOT receive what is officially owed to them under the new law.

You CAN'T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT!! They can't get this program to work correctly. How can we trust them to get government healthcare to work?

Warning Americans
Wise up America. This poor track record is for a total amount of three billion ($3,000,000,000) dollars. If the government messes up with this amount of financing, what can we expect when they force Americans to have a 1.6 trillion ($1,600,000,000,000) dollar healthcare program? Guess what? They will create total disorder on a GRAND SCALE!!!

Don't let Congress jam this down your throats. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that gives Congress the authority to do it in the first place! Who put Congress in charge of your LIFE? No one. They actually believe that they can socialize our healthcare system just because the Democrat/Progressives "Think" they know what's good for us! That's wrong and you know it.

Action To Take
Attend a town meeting. Denounce government healthcare. Call, write, or email your representatives. Tell them "Hands-off my life". Vote "NO" on ANY government healthcare program.

If they continue to threaten us by passing any legislation without including feedback from the Republican party, remember this in the 2010 mid-term elections. Make them a Promise! Get rid of ANY legislator who supports ObamaCare by voting them out of office!

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