Monday, July 9, 2012

A Duck is a Duck

Let's Be Honest
Democrats/Progressives/Liberals (whatever euphemism they are using now - change names like a chameleon changes colors…) never want to use logic when they discuss politics. Instead they try like the devil to avoid discussing facts. Instead they rely on things like "feelings, Social Justice, fair share, diversity," and all the "touchy-feely" things that are supposed to make you feel good. They are always trying to help the "little guy" by taking (STEALING - taxing IS STEALING!) from those who have "it." They don't care if the guy who has "it" worked hard to earn it. Those that have, need to share for the "common good." It's just the right thing to do.

Progressives like to give away things they have not personally earned and what's not theirs, and give it to others who often do NOT deserve it. That makes Progressive feel less guilty and they believe that they are doing good in the world. Besides, it's easy to give away something that's not yours in the first place. Some actually HATE America.

Ignore the Facts
Progressives also like to ignore, lie, or to distort the facts. When they can't defend their position using logic or the facts, they begin calling those who disagree hateful names without any substantiation. They lie continuously because the end justifies the means. They merely keep accusing their opposition until their hateful label sticks and those who disagree are rendered harmless or out-of-the-main-stream because they are re-defined as "radicals." When all else fails, they call those who oppose them "Racists." Again they do it without proof and continue their mantra until it sticks. (This is out of the book Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky). They totally ignore facts because they have no way to substantiate or prove their positions using facts.

Perfect Example
President Obama recently faced the fourth month in a row with poor job results and the economy tanking. What did he say? "Things are getting better." The numbers are the numbers and he ignores what they show. His policies are a failure and that he's responsible for making things worse.

Obama believes that if he repeats the lie often enough that people will believe it as the gospel and that he will survive using Alinsky's tactics. But Americans aren't stupid. Citizens can see that the economy is NOT getting better and that there are fewer and fewer jobs after Obama's policies have been in place. Americans believe that Obama IS responsible for this downturn and that he is not owning up to HIS actions.

Americans also see the direction that America is heading and they don't like it very much. They believe that Obama IS keeping HIS promise to "fundamentally change America" and they don't want it any more.

The Reality
Obamanomics don't work - unless the plan is it destroy the economy, decimate jobs, and destroy the middle class by re-distributing their wealth to the welfare state. That's what we have today. America is failing and Obama has made it happen faster with his nationalization of the auto and banking industries, his overburdening regulations, and his abuse of Presidential powers as granted in the Constitution.

If you want to see America continue to collapse, then re-elect Obama because that IS HIS PLAN! Look at where we are and where we are headed. Four more years should do it! We will collapse just like Greece!

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