Friday, July 13, 2012

Romney May Pick a Looser

Rumors Are Flying
We have all heard several rumors about who Romney is thinking about as his Vice President candidate for the GOP ticket in November. Let's face it, rumors and just that. They usually have no weight.

Latest Choice
After Ann Romney's comment that there could be a woman on Mitt's ticket, there has been a flurry of ideas bouncing across the Internet as to who that could be.

Now the Corrupt Media is reporting that the unnamed woman is Condeleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State under George Bush. Now she is being touted as one of the top ten in Romneys short list.

Even though Condeleezza is pure speculation, we're going out on a limb and making the prediction that if she IS Romney's running mate, he will definitely loose the election.

Here's Why
The GOP considers that being black is a plus. (That's a GOP LIE because they hated Herman Cain). Having foreign-policy experience is also a plus. They also believe that being a woman is a plus. However, Ms. Rice has never run for public office. Several of her political positions are just the opposite of Romney's. For example, abortion. Rice is in favor of abortions while Mitt is not.

The GOP believes that the Tea Party will all vote for Romney. This is a bad assumption to make. Many are still on the fence waiting for Romney to select his VP running mate. If he chooses "wrong" he will loose many votes because of it. Condoleezza is the wrong choice.

The DEMs will be happy to see her on the ticket. They can say that this is a repeat of the same-old same-old because she worked in the Bush Administration. Point taken. Being black may do nothing for the ticket. It won't change how African Americans will vote. They will still support Obama. However, being a woman will.

America is NOT ready for a woman president. Look what happened when Sarah Palin was nominated as the VP candidate in 2008. The Corrupt Media tore her apart. Some of that was because she was a conservative woman. This will bring a repeat of the same behavior from the media. Rice will be blasted endlessly just like Palin.

The country doesn't believe that a woman can be strong enough to face the problems the President has to deal with on a regular basis. They still view a woman as the weaker sex making her weaker in the office of the Presidency. Recall also that Geraldine Ferraro (D) was also defeated in 1984 as the Democratic VP candidate. Neither side is ready for a woman President.

Romney better choose wisely. Since he's the GOPs favorite (and not the Tea Party's choice), he needs to be careful in his selection for his VP candidate. Choosing Condoleezza will guarantee his loss in November. The Tea Party will abandon him and not vote at all. They a tired of having to choose between the worst of two evils. Bad is STILL bad and doesn't guarantee any protection of the Constitution. Look at John McCain. He was nothing more than Obama-Lite.

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