Thursday, July 12, 2012

What If?

What If Obama Looses in November?
It's a scary thought that Obama could loose the election pin November. Why? Because he will remain in office for an additional five whole months. He will become the Lame Duck sitting President.

Usually under these circumstances Americans had nothing to fear. However this time around, this proposition is very scary. Obama has made himself the Imperial President. He avoids working within the parameters set in the Constitution regarding his job parameters. He operates outside of the intended "Limited Powers" and promotes his own form of dictatorship by ignoring the law and Congress.

So What's The Big Deal?
Wake up and look at the possibilities. Obama looses and stays in office for five more months. During that time he can sign treaties with the United Nations and have the Democratic-controlled Senate ratify all of them. This is not good for American freedoms.

He can also write several Presidential "Executive Orders" and do just about anything he pleases. No one in Congress has had any courage to stand up to Obama breaking the laws of the land. He has done so several times and yet, Congress remains cowardly.

Obama is already proposing reducing our nuclear armaments down from 2,500 to 1,5000. He stated that he wants them to reach about 400. This alone would terribly weaken our ability to defend ourselves against ANY aggressors.

Things Will Be Worse
If he looses you can count on the fact that Obama will have no conscience whatsoever in doing whatever he wants. This could lead America to a disastrous end if he's allowed. Obama has already laid the ground work to take-over all forms of communications in case of an "emergency."

What if he instigates a war in the Middle East and declares Marshal Law. This certainly would qualify as an emergency and he's quite capable of doing it to promote his agenda. Then he could "nullify" the results of the Presidential election. We can't let that happen. There needs to be the system of checks-and-balances restored in Washington. Americans need to be watchful of any signs that the guy in the White House doesn't go totally off the tracks - especially if he looses.

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