Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama's So-Called "Recovery"

On the Stump
We have heard President Obama lately out on the stump bragging how he saved the automobile and banking industry. Ironic that he says that nationalizing these industries is "saving" them. The government owns more than half of General Motors (GM) and controls the banking industry thanks to the Barney-Frank bill he signed. The GM bailout only gave power to the unions while stealing from the shareholders of GM. Some don't consider this "saving" these industries and jobs, but rather taking control over them by a huge government power grab. These are quite different views than what Obama is expressing.

Another LIE
Obama is a great speaker. He can look you in the eye and tell you the biggest lies without flinching. He does it all the time - usually by being prompted with a teleprompter. He is one of the best fabricators in modern history. This is mainly because he lacks any sincerity and has no integrity whatsoever. Obama is NOT an honorable man and history will remember him this way. He has no conscience.

The Facts Tell The Truth
When Obama preaches that things are getting better and that the "Recovery" is slow, you need to see the following graph. It shows exactly what Obama's policies have done to the economy for the past 3+ years. Statistics came from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. These numbers don't lie about Obama's record. No, they stress just how bad he truly is and why he needs to keep lying.

Obama's Recovery

Note the Shaded Area
The shaded area indicates the duration of the recession. Everything to the right of it shows what Obama is calling HIS RECOVERY!! The flat line to the right is what he's bragging about. That's what he's telling America. There IS NO IMPROVEMENT under his watch. If this is all he can brag about, we need a new President in the White House.

Obama cannot blame Bush or Romney for this. It shows that he has broken all of HIS campaign promises about "Hope and Change." It shows that Obama is a failure in correcting the demise of the American economy. Or it shows that Obama is quite successful at completely destroying the America as we know it, putting it on a course similar to Greece!

Is that what you want? Four more years like these and the graph will be even more dire. Tell your family,  friends and other like-minded Americans that we cannot survive another term with this man in office.

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