Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GoodBye 2nd Amendment

Another Back-Door Ploy
In case you haven't noticed, President Obama has not spoken much about gun control during his presidency. Isn't this strange for a guy who as a Senator always supported banning guns?

The Big Picture
You have to step back and look at the big picture in order to see what Obama is really up to concerning gun control. He will never fire-up Americans on this subject until it's too late for any of us to do anything about it. This is why he has remained silent on this subject.

Since Obama has discovered that he can circumvent Congress and never be challenged for exceeding his authority or for breaking the law, he has decided to put Hillary Clinton in charge of doing his dirty work. Hillary is busily negotiating with the United Nations on banning guns here in America.

You read right, she is working out a deal with the United Nations to ban all guns here in the USA. Of course the Corrupt Media never reports on this because they are complacent with the same movement. They don't want to get the opposition angry enough to fight back.

The United Nations is developing a Small Arms Treaty that they want all countries to sign and make into law. It would give the UN full power to enforce the gun ban. This means that if we agree to this treaty we are giving our sovereignty to the United Nations and trashing the Constitution which guarantees the right to own guns.

What Treaties Do
If the US Senate approves of any treaty, the only way to nullify it is by trying to get a constitutional amendment passed that would nullify it. Treaties surpass the Constitution. Obtaining a constitutional amendment is quite difficult and would take a few  years to do. Meanwhile, the UN would be busy confiscating YOUR guns under the terms of this treaty.

If you don't think that this could ever happen here in the USA, you'd better wake-up and become concerned. If Hillary signs the treaty agreement this month, it still needs to be ratified by the US Senate. HUMMM…. Isn't there a Democratic majority in the Senate? The Senate has up to January 20, 2013 to ratify this treaty. Even if the DEMs get voted-out-of-office in November, they still can vote in support of the treaty. What have the got to loose? This condition is referred to as the "Lame Duck Senate."

Bottom Line
SO, unless gun owners get charged-up and start lobbying their Senators against this treaty, they may have to face the reality of a gun ban. It won't happen immediately, no. The initial thing that happens is that the UN would require all gun owners to "register" their guns. That's the first step in gun banning. The government has to know who has them before they can come an take them. Look at the history leading up to World War II. This is exactly what Hitler did in Germany. Registration and then confiscation.

Action To Take
If you are a gun owner, you'd better get busy. Hillary will sign this treaty soon. Let this be a word to the wise. Obama will get his gun ban by backdoor methods and that may just create a lot of felons here in America.

If you care, you'd better start contacting your US Senators NOW!

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