Monday, November 5, 2012

Did America Get It?

Tomorrow Will Tell
We have been bombarded by negative political ads, lied to, promised the moon, received phone call advertisements, taken telephone surveys, been polled out of our own homes and finally, tomorrow we will end this fiasco once and for all. It's time to pull the lever (or touch the voting screen).

Hopefully, on Wednesday we should know who the next President of the United States is and that should be that. But wait, there's more coming…

The HARD LEFT is guaranteeing that if their guy (President Obama) isn't re-elected, they will riot in the streets.

REALLY? So let's get this straight. If Obama looses, the LEFT will become disruptive, destructive, and protest the election results in an unpleasant manner. They will re-kindle the Occupy Wall Street Fascists to do their dirty work to try and destroy democracy. Say, that's right out of the George Soros playbook on how to overthrow a government Chapter 2. Radicals are already threatening the rest of us that if they don't get their way, we will suffer.

Let's Hope Big
It's less likely that there would be major demonstrations if the election resulted in a landslide for Romney. (We can only hope at this point). However, if the results are too close to call immediately, we may be in for some more activity from the LEFT. Anarchists don't give up easily - especially when they are close to reaching their objectives. We cannot allow this to happen. Be aware that they are still wanting a new government unlike the one that exists today. America's enemies are busy at work so don't be complacent. Don't be fooled by what can happen. Be prepared to see it and to denounce it. Don't let America be attacked without protecting it.

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