Thursday, November 8, 2012

Still Stunned

No Surprise
The nation is still stunned over the election results. It shouldn't be a surprise because Obama has spent four years dividing the nation into separate factions. He pushed HIS agenda at the expense of doing so, ignoring the economy. The old axiom "divide and conquer" worked for him in the election.

It Wasn't The Economy
All of the "experts" kept telling us that the main political issue in this election was the economy. Reality shows us that it was NOT SO MUCH! If it actually WAS the economy, Obama would not have been re-elected. After a dismal record as President by over regulating, giving bailouts, big government takeovers, killing domestic energy production, and destroying the economy Obama got re-elected.


He pitted those who are on the dole taking government handouts against those who actually contribute and pay taxes to the nation. The rich against the poor. The "Haves" against the "Have Nots." You have to give Obama credit, he pulled it off even though he has little to show for it with such a terrible economy. So it really wasn't the economy after all.

America Has Changed
There are now over 47 million people taking government food stamps. There are over 23 million people looking for work. There are over 47% of Americans who do NOT pay federal taxes. There are record numbers of people applying for disability. There are millions receiving 99 weeks of unemployment checks. Millions are on public welfare and government assistance. The list of entitlements goes on and on. Big government serves more people now than before Obama took office. This is a deliberate and calculated effort on his part. It's irrelevant that we cannot afford this. It is what it IS. The welfare state is taking over.

Half of Americans now walk around with their hands out expecting "Free Stuff." They don't want to work for it because "the government owes it to them." Why work when the government pays you almost two years NOT TO WORK? It never used to be this way. We have a new generation of people and the rest of us better start recognizing that America will never be the same again.

Traditional American Values are DEAD! This is no longer the "Land of the free and the brave." America is becoming the "Gimmie States of America." The new motto is no longer "In God We Trust." Instead it's become "What's in it for me?" Those good-old-days are long gone and won't be back in your lifetime. People don't expect to be self-sufficient any longer because the government will take care of them.

As the wide-open-borders keep allowing ILLEGALS into the country, they will continue to dilute the other 50% of the nation into submission of the "New" American way of life. However, try and remember that those flooding our borders are ALL UNSKILLED and UNEDUCATED. Don't expect great things from them in the form of huge contributions to technology and science. No, they are coming here for the free stuff also! Over 50% of all ILLEGALS are already on the public welfare system.

After my generation all dies off with the help of ObamaCare's Death Pannels, there won't be anyone left to remind the younger folks, that there WAS a better way of life before ObamaMerika.

Welcome Comrades to the new Amerika!

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