Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Was Learned

Blame The "GOP" (again)
That's an acronym for the "Grand Old Party." The only problem is that the GOP is so corrupted that they can no longer see past their own nose. History repeats itself: Obama won last night - AGAIN! Wouldn't you think that the GOP Establishment would learn from their previous mistakes? Apparently not. Instead, they keep repeating the same follies over and over again hoping for different results. They messed-up by nominating John McCain four years ago, and repeated the same mistake by nominating Romney whom no one really liked. What did they REALLY expect - a miracle?

So if you have any "beefs" you need to direct them at the Republican Party. Unregister your affiliation immediately. Let them know you are dissatisfied with them.

Yes, the country is divided. Obama has seen to that quite handily. That's partly how he got re-elected. However, when you look at the Republican Party, the only true victories in the past few years have been from so-called "Tea Party candidates." The Republicans have done (and continue to do) poorly. Their record is TARNISHED. Why is this?

The GOP always tries to get one of their "own" into office. It's the Good-Old-Boy network and they don't want to break it. They don't want to upset their balance of power in Washington or elsewhere by nominating someone who actually represents the majority of the people! God forbid.

You can no longer TRUST Republicans or the Republican Party. Republicans don't like the Tea Party candidates any more than do the Democrats. Look how they threw Herman Cain under the bus with their political smears to destroy him.

The Truth
The Republicans aren't for Conservative principles any longer. No, they are for growing the Republican Party with more of the same-thinking politicians. They are totally as corrupted as the Democratic Party. Neither party represents the people any longer. They are both self-serving and care less about you and YOUR personal freedoms.

The only way to gain political power and restore Conservative principles is through a THIRD POLITICAL Party. Neither of the existing parties can be trusted. They have both morphed into what they are today. In fact, they are strangely quite similar!

Actively seek like-minded individuals and begin to build a new Party that represents YOUR way of thinking. It's NOT TOO late. Support the Tea Party in your locality.

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