Friday, November 9, 2012

Which Line?

Which Line Are You In?
It is clear that there are two lines of division in the United States of America. This is especially clear after the Presidential election. The country is evenly divided into two lines as follows:

  • Line 1: The Unemployment line is for those who want and are actively seeking work. 
  • Line 2: The Free Stuff line is for those who don't want to work and want free stuff from the government.

So where do you stand? Which line are you standing in? Do you still believe that you can be self-sufficient if you work and provide for your family? Do you take pride in being able to do so? Or do you believe that the government owes you something and you shouldn't have to work to get things you want and need from the government? Do you expect that the government should take care of you and your family?

Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie
This is what it has come down to here in the US. 47% of Americans don't pay their "Fair Share" because they don't even pay ANY federal income taxes. Of course they don't see it that way. They blame the rich for their misgivings. It's not their fault, because they are the victims. The rich should bail them out by paying more because they can afford it. They would rather sand-bag it and take the free ride for as long as they can get it. We can just about guess who they voted for in the election. They are the NEW TAKER CLASS of Americans. They have no self-esteem or self-respect. How can they?

Why look for work when the government will pay you NOT TO WORK for 99 weeks? Why buy health insurance when the government will give it to you? Why work when the government will give you food stamps, clothes, rent, and even housing?

Granted, government assistance isn't the greatest thing, but it sure beats getting all sweaty and coming home tired after a long day at work.

The Future
Someday there won't be any more free stuff because the government will not be able to borrow the money to buy the freebies any longer. Then what happens? All those who stop getting their free stuff will get mad and scared because they won't know how to provide for themselves. They will begin to riot in the streets and complain that the government better give them what they need or they will overthrow the government violently. About that time is when someone will step-in and promise to "fix" everything.

And, they will. The TAKERS will get their food, water, and shelter at the total expense of all their freedoms. They will live in shackles the rest of eternity. The TAKERS won't see it until it's way too late. They will get what they deserve for not being diligent.

This isn't fiction. Look at history to get the answers. History DOES repeat itself. We are the prime example.

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